September 13, 2014

About Me

“My mission is to equip you with the spiritual and practical tools to create an abundantly full life of peace, purpose, passion and flow…”

The path to this kind of lifestyle is what I call

The Yes Process.

Lori Bell

The Yes Process Is An Inspired Way Of Living

  • The Yes Process is an experience of allowing what you already know on a really deep level to come through for YOU.
  • The Yes Process is not a blueprint for right living. We are a gateway for creating your own blueprint, so you can thrive in what feels good for YOU.
  • The Yes Process is a discovery of the journey of becoming yourself…by stripping away the layers of beliefs and deeply held ideas that may or may not be true…for YOU.
  •  The Yes Process is for visionary women, women who have already achieved a level of success in their own circles of influence…yet there’s still a reach for more. 

About Me…

Bios are really hard to write. Words get in the way. Maybe I tell You who I Am and You decide if You like Me based on those words. Maybe You decide if this whole Yes Process thing is for you. I decided to present this three ways: You can read about me. You can listen to a song I wrote about me. And if you are a media representative or event planner looking to check out my credentials, you can see about me here.

The Words

I Am a military spouse to my tall, fine, chocolicious active duty airman, USAF veteran of 10 years, and mom to 3 awesome kids. We’ve moved across the country and a few places around the world 12 times and counting.

I Am an inspirational speaker and transformative singer.

I Am the invitation to dig deeper, think differently, drop attachments and live freely. What does all that mean? Conversations with me are never boring.

I am a Herald…which, by definition, means to “stand as a sign of something about to happen.” OOOOOOO it’s your lucky day!!

Simply, I share my story, my experiences and my lessons for the goal helping you leave your Cave…whatever that is for you…come into the Light of your own awareness so you can rise to the invitation of being You. Because the world really needs more of YOU.

Not the you you think you’re not.

Not even the you you think you are.

It’s the mystery of being Yourself…the process that will make you rich in a way that you never go hungry again.

My Influencers

I honor and give thanks for the following sages, teachers, mentors, co-laborers and wise ones who have blessed my life with their wisdom. These are the Ones, who, when I was in my Cave, helped me dismantle my beliefs and release my attachments. They are authors, musicians, entrepreneurs, and creators. For me, they went first, as true leaders.They helped me learn how to embrace my Truth and show up to share it here with you.

Namaste Moore, Creator of the School of Feminine Transformation

Molesey Crawford, Creator of The Queen Code

Karin Haysbert, Creator of The Queens for Christ

Twenty Twenty, Creator of

Neville Goddard

Jupiter Gita

Ernest Holmes

Eric Butterworth

Iyanla Vanzant

Claire Zammit, Creator of Evolving Wisdom

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