September 13, 2014

Looking for A Speaker?

Dear Media Friends, Meeting Planners and Conference Organizers,

You’ve been charged with an important responsibility: Organizing an engaging event that doesn’t suck. If you’re part of the media, you too, must write, review or interview somebody that will keep your audience coming back for more.

Well, that’s it in a nutshell, right?

There’s a LOT on the line here! Your reputation, your company’s reputation, and maybe even your job! You are not about to entrust the success of your event to just any ole’ speaker with a flashy, slick website, or even one with great testimonials and cool pics. If I were you I wouldn’t either.

So I’m going to say something you may not have ever read or heard from a speaker or presenter.

Don’t hire me.

Not kidding. Just don’t.

I don’t want a job, I’m a speaker and an inspirational singer. I haven’t had a job in over a decade.

Well…first, I’m a mom of 3 young kids, who love impromptu mommy lunches at school. I have one heck of a fine, chocolatey Husband who loves his family and serves his country. And I love spending time with the fun peeps on my street for a midday cocktail when we’re bored. I don’t want a job, there’s no time!

But here’s what I DO want for YOU and for ME.

I’d like a partnership.

I’d like to link arms with an organization or a media source who has a deep mission to add some love, light and deliciousness to the world.

I’d like to create a relationship with you that is supportive, delightful, and lasting. That means if I can’t stand on your stage or in front of your camera, maybe I know someone who’s a better fit.

I want to walk into your company’s event or show up for the interview simply delighted that it’s YOU I get to interact with.

And I want your audience to be my audience and we collaborate together to bring them something juicy, fulfilling and satisfying. Like a good down-home meal on a Sunday after church (that’s what we used to do growing up in SC).

Yes, I’m taking a risk by telling you all this, but I need you to feel where I’m coming from.

The options are plentiful all over the internet, yet here you are with me, reading this. I don’t believe those other fabulous speakers are my competition…because, well you’re still reading!

But I promise you this…if you and I get to do the thing together, it will be unforgettably pleasing for you, your peeps, and for me. :O)

So now….check out all the cool stuff I want you to know about me….

Click here to download the “4 Most Important Things” bio (aka, Lori’s Sizzling Hot Bio!)

Networks and Publications featured:

Military Spouse Magazine

Still my favorite publication for military spouses everywhere! Military Spouse Magazine was my first opportunity to take my platform and message nationwide, and in some cases internationally. I continue to be a writer and contributor to the content for the print publication and online brand.

Lifetime TV Celebrates Remarkable Women, 2010 Lifetime TV conducts a campaign to celebrate extraordinary women who empower and inspire others to make a difference in their communities and the world.

CNN, discussing “the force behind the force: military spouses”

NBC Nightly News w Brian Williams, Making a Difference segment: Helping Military Families Find Common Ground

Here’s a short clip of a guest appearance on Good Morning America, just after being named Military Spouse Magazine’s Military Spouse of the Year


On BET’s Don’t Sleep with host TJ Holmes as a featured expert panel along with NYT bestselling author Wes Moore and WWII Veteran and author Mr. Ivan J. Houston. Here is a fun clip of a little backstage action with a BET correspondent in the green room of Don’t Sleep!


Newsweek’s The Daily Beast “Hero Summit” featured speaker alongside notables Madeline K. Albright, Bono, and Editor-in-Chief Tina Brown

hero summitThe Hero Summit: An Exploration of Courage, Character & Our National Security, is an influential gathering of some of the brightest minds and bravest individuals from America and abroad including military veterans, active duty members, activists, top journalists and news correspondents in the country. Here, the panel is being interviewed by ABC correspondent Deborah Roberts, speaking on the topic “The Other Side of Sacrifice: Military Families”.





oprah and the spouses

One of my most memorable experiences was meeting Oprah along with 29 other military spouse friends! We were hand-picked for this event that was kept top-secret for MONTHS, none of us had a clue, even until the moment Ms. O stepped into the room. Here is a video explaining why Oprah wanted to honor mil spouses, and our ridiculous (and authentic!) perfect-for-TV reactions to this amazing event:


Creative Projects and Personal Accomplishments

The American Military Spouses Choir is a stellar choir performance group made up of 50-100 military spouses from all branches of service and from around the United States of America. This project has given a voice to American military spouses through music. Their first recording, “The Promise”, was written to give a voice to the military spouse and family.The interest in the group comes as no surprise. The choir came together as a result of rigorous and quick casting at the request of David Foster, whom had a performance scheduled at the Kennedy Center in DC and wanted to include a choir of military wives. He contacted CAMMO, the Center for American Military Music Opportunities, which answered the call expeditiously (within 2 weeks) with an exhaustive search. The day after they met and with only one rehearsal, these amazing military spouses found themselves on the stage of the Kennedy Center with Jewel, Chaka Khan, and Chris Botti as the finale to a star-studded show of the 2012 David Foster and Friends Spring gala. The way they came together is clearly indicative of theirs and their spouses’ sense of esprit de corps and trust in their leaders.

Here we are performing our single The Promise (video courtesy of



I did it! Holding 3rd place and 4th place trophies in Connecticut, May 2014, sponsored by the Organization of Competition Bodies (OCB).













One of my favorite music projects! I am the lead vocalist on the title track of We Win in 2013.









My flagship book in 2016, The Yes Process: Discover the Journey of Becoming Yourself. Available on Amazon in Kindle and Soft copy formats.



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